Dog Faces Melamine Bowl - 8 oz (Personalized)

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  • Beautiful curved shape and holds approx. 8oz
  • Break resistant and BPA free
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Made for everyday use
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About this Design Template

Looking for something for the dog lover in your life? Why not this adorable design with dog faces and a few dog paws thrown in is perfect for dog lovers! Dogs include chihuahua, dalmatian, husky, pug, terrier, boxer, rottweiler, beagle, bulldog, dachshund, labrador and mastiff.

We chose a maroon ribbon with hearts and a square label. We chose the graphic and text for the label contents and featured the dalmatian face along with a name to personalized it.

As always with YouCustomizeIt, you can change anything about this design (patterns, colors, graphics, etc.) for free. Our design library is loaded with options for you to choose from, or you can upload your own. Need Help? You can always talk / chat with our design experts.

Product Description

If you're trying to find the perfect dishes for a family full of all ages, these melamine bowls are the way to go! They are great for any age, but especially for the youngsters.

This melamine bowl holds approximately 8 oz (5.5" x 5.5" x 1.75"), which is the perfect size for an adult cereal bowl or a kiddo's dinner bowl. These bowls are break resistant, so they are perfect for a hectic household. Make sure not to put your bowl in the microwave, but you can definitely wash it in the dishwasher. Best part? They're BPA free!

Now go into the design center to create the perfect personalized bowl. Have fun choosing fonts, colors, and patterns! Use a name or a fun saying to get a few smiles from whoever uses the bowl.

Check out our other Melamine Bowls to compare. We also have melamine plates! Be sure to check these out, as well as the rest of our dinner plates in our dining room section.


  • Beautiful curved shape and holds approx. 8oz
  • Break resistant and BPA free
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Made for everyday use


  • Do not microwave
  • To keep the finish lustrous, avoid abrasive cleaners
  • Dishwasher Safe

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Product Specifications

Product ID388452
Product TypeDinnerware, Bowl
Product GenderUnisex
Product AudienceKids, Adult
AnimalDog / Puppy
Custom Product TypeSublimation
DimensionsMelamine Bowl 8 oz (5.5" x 5.5" x 1.75")
Theme ElementsChihuahua, Dalmatian, Husky, Pug, Terrier, Boxer, Rottweiler, Beagle, Dachshund, Labrador Retriever, Mastiff, Dog Paw Prints
Dinnerware TypeBowl
Design GenderGender Neutral
Design AudienceKids
RoomsDining Room
DepartmentHome + Garden
Bowl Style & SizeNarrow Rim Bowl (8 oz)

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