What is a Blank Base Product?

The simplest definition would be a product before customization and/or personalization has been applied to it.

For example our Long Sleeve Onesies; we stock these in 12 Blank Base Products and the after you purchase your onesie,  your iron on is printed on our large format printer.

Then a person weeds the iron on, masks its and then iron it on or heat pressed on to the bib.  Now the bib is ready to be shipped out to you!

So these cotton bib blank bases use on large format printing and vinyl cutting technologies for customization.

Let's use our Full Color Printed Baby Bibs as our next Example.  The blank base product here is soft jersey polyester.

After you finishing customizing your design and purchase the product, the image is then printed on our large format sublimation printer.

Then a person cuts the paper down to size, lays the bib on the paper and it is then heat pressed.  The bib is now ready to be shipped to you!

Our Leatherette Jounals are blank on both sides.