The YouCustomizeIt Difference

We're (almost) as passionate about your vision as you are!

Every day, in some way, small or large, you're asked to compromise. To conform. To just fit in.

But we believe that to leave a lasting impression on the world, you must not compromise. You must not conform. You must not fit in.

You must leave your personal, unique, special imprint on the world.

And that's the YouCustomizeIt Difference.

Unlike other designers and printers, we won't force you to compromise.

Why compromise your vision with an "order taker" supplier? Why not work with a partner who is ALMOST as passionate about your vision as you are?

Our promise: Nowhere will you have more fun getting exactly what you want!

DIFFERENCE #1. Passionate People, Passionate Service

At You Customize It, real people answer your calls. If you get stuck, we will help you get unstuck. Our goal: Do whatever it takes to help you get a no compromises version of your vision.

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DIFFERENCE #2. Our One-to-Many Magic

Just follow our 3 steps

  1. Select a Design. Start with one of our designs. Either create it with our system or import your pre-created design
  2. Select a Product. Choose from a crazy huge array of hundreds of products, from soap dispensers to bedsheets to golf towels!
  3. You Customize It. Change a little, change a lot. Change the font, change the color, it's up to you. Nowhere will you have more fun getting exactly what you want!

The bottom line: Creating matching and coordinated products that express your precise vision without compromise has never been easier.

Watch the video here to see how easy and fun it can be to get exactly what you want!