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Design Your Own Personalized Lunch Bags

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  • Durable
  • Zipper Closure
  • Reinforced handles
  • Full color on both sides

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Product Design Ideas



Monogrammed Damask Lunch Bag (Personalized)
Happt Image #2184511 for Review #2184510
Quality product
Reviewer: Kristy Brewer Product: Monogrammed Damask Lunch Bag (Personalized)
Hearts Lunch Bag (Personalized)
Very cool lunch bag Image #2020972 for Review #2020971
I take my lunch to work every day. Now I can take it in this cool lunch tote. It was really fun to design my own and all the options made it easy. Great idea and well made product.
Reviewer: Carol Heywood Product: Hearts Lunch Bag (Personalized)
Pink & Purple Damask Lunch Bag (Personalized)
Great product Image #1958181 for Review #1958180
I ordered a lunch bag for my daughter a couple of years ago. It has held up really well and I liked that I could design it to fit her personality. I am a teacher and it was time for me to get a new lunch bag. So I thought of this company because I like the product and the options. It’s so cute! And easy to carry.
Reviewer: Katie Books Product: Pink & Purple Damask Lunch Bag (Personalized)
Personalized Lunch Bag
Turned out Great!! Image #1889927 for Review #1889926
I am a graphic designer and thought the printing and assembly of the bag turned out great. If you understand that the substrate fabric is not bright white, then you will realize that "brilliant" or bright colors are not going to pop out. So, I recommend if you are designing your own, to use cyan, magenta, yellow, and black color builds to achieve the color you are looking for in a generic color space. Thanks so much. The size is perfect for bringing my lunches to work without fearing I am hogging up the shared refrigerator space.
Our development team insisted that we inform customers that our system is RGB colorspace based and we can not confirm the accuracy of CMYK uploads. We are glad to hear that it worked for you.
Reviewer: Megan Chichester Product: Personalized Lunch Bag
Zebra Print Lunch Bag (Personalized)
Granddaughters lunch bag Image #1887012 for Review #1887011
My granddaughter love it! She got to design it on line and her face lit up when she opened the package to see it looked just like what she had made on the web.
Reviewer: Janell Anderson Product: Zebra Print Lunch Bag (Personalized)
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